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Kampar is a James Beard nominated Malaysian restaurant and a platform for underrepresented food


Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Kitchen 5PM - 10PM | Bar 5PM - 11PM

Friday & Saturday

Kitchen 5PM - 11PM | Bar 5PM - 12AM


Saté Kampar opened in February of 2016 as the first Malaysian restaurant in Philadelphia specializing in satay, made from scratch and grilled on coconut shell charcoal. The concept was to create a restaurant that transports diners to a place halfway around the world, Malaysian, and to a time when Malay food was at its height, the 1960-1970s, before western franchise restaurants became established in Malaysia.

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As an avid supporter and mentor for chefs making underrepresented food, Chef Ange started Kampar Kitchen during the COVID-19 pandemic to shine a spotlight on the great diverse food scene that goes unnoticed. Her program includes working with the chefs to tell their stories, connecting them to her broad following and diner base to kick-start their business and providing them with important resources leveraged from her team. Kampar Kitchen is currently one of the top platforms in the country for diverse cuisines. The concept is currently operating on Table 22 and generating at the top 15th percentile of all partners on Table22 nationwide.


Diners today are looking for diversity.  Since the pandemic, we have seen many ethnic restaurant closures and Philly’s diverse food scene has been set back even though the latest statistics show that 1 in every 4 Philadelphians is either an immigrant or has immigrant parents. We have been successful breaking down the barriers at the dinner table through our Muhibbah Dinner series, and we know this new restaurant will continue to draw in diversity from the kitchen to our customers. Kampar will be the ONLY restaurant in Philadelphia where the underrepresented food community has a platform. It will be the venue for diners who are looking for unique food and dining experience, a venue to find food not often found in mainstream or popular restaurants, making it easily accessible to the public to enjoy and support the community.

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